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Hotel Kaveri International Hotel K Rose Hotel Kells
Hotel Kaveri International Hotel K Rose Hotel Kells
Porbandar Rajkot Ahmedabad
About K Group
The K Group is founded on a vision which seeks to usher in a tomorrow by providing people with improved quality of life and standard of living. Recognizing the basic need to approach the issue of planned development and growth across the Business Hospitality segments of the Real Estate Industry we at k Group believe that the key element of this transformation is change - a change from within and without. K Group was a widely respected and highly regarded figure amongst the business in hotelier community. was acknowledged for his dynamism, foresight and forward thinking.
Hotel Kaveri Internation Porbander, founded in 2005 , by Mr.Parbatbhai T. Odedara. It is a star category hotel. which has established a reputation for excellence and is acknowledged for offering quality and value. This hotel combines state of the art facilities with dependable service in a caring environment. presenting the ideal choice for business and leisure travelers at affordable prices.